Belfast City Centre Management

A guide to shopping. socialising and doing business in Belfast

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Belfast City Centre Management
supported by Shopmobility and
Disability Action have produced this
access guide for disabled users of the
city centre. This guide was funded by
Belfast City Centre Management, the
Department for Social Development,
Translink and Belfast City Council.

The guide provides practical, user-
friendly Information on how accessible
shops, banks and businesses are to
wheelchair/scooter users and the visual or hearing impaired.

Volunteers from Shopmobility, accompanied by members of staff from Belfast City
Centre Management, surveyed public buildings and businesses for the guide. An
explanation of the symbols together with colour coding of the different sections ensures
the guide is easy to use. The businesses are listed by sector and are also colour coded.
The symbols below each entry indicate the level of accessibility.

The guide also focuses on the accessibility of the transportation network in Belfast -
everything you need to know to ensure your trip is a truly positive experience.
The information in this guide has been based upon the experience of disabled people
shopping in Belfast, however to ensure that your shopping trip is a successful one it may
be advisable to phone in advance.

Belfast City Centre Management would appreciate any feedback on this guide. If you
would like to do so or if you would like this guide in an alternative format contact Eimear
McCracken on 028 9024 2111.

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